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M, #980000
Relationship23rd great-granduncle of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Title was the son of Non-Persons.
Numbers of this form are used for major titles.

Pharaoh Pinudjem (?) became Great Priest of Amun 1080 - 1055 BCE.1
Paihut (?) became Title Grand Chief of Ma 1055 BCE.1
Istemkbeb (?) became High Priest of Amun at Thebes 1045 - 992 BCE.’ (?) became Title High Priest of Amun at Thebes 1045 - 992 BCE.1
Pinudjem II (?) became High Priest of Amun at Thebes 990 - 969 BCE.1
Shoshenq (?) became High Priest of Ptah at Memphis c870 - 851 BCE.1
Hydranes I (?) became Chief of the Seven 531 BCE.1
Otones (?) became Cheif 0f Persia 480 BCE.1
Husham (Gen 36) became replacing King Jobab of the Edomites (Gen 36).2
An unknown person became Commandant of Troops.1
Nimlt (?) became Grand Priest of Amon at Thebes.1
Harsiese (?) became Grand Priest of Heliopolis.1
Fasted II d'Oisy became Advocate of Doornick.1
Fasted I d'Oisy became Advocate of Doornick.1
Lord Henry I (?) became Advocate of Stable.1
Hydranes II (?) became Chiliarch of Persia.1
Osorkon (?) became Great Cheif of Ma.1
Osorkon (?) became Prophet of the Neith at Sais , of Edjo (at Buto.)1
Shoshenq (?) became Great Cheif of Ma.1
Nimlot (?) became Great Cheif of Ma (Mawash ibyans.)1
Shoshenq (?) became Title Chief of Ma (Mawash Libyans.)1
Pharaoh Psusennes II (?) became Title High Priest of Amun.1
Nimlot (?) became Chief of Chiefs.1
Pharaoh Ramses I (’Ramese (I)) (?) became Commondant of Troops.1
Pharaoh Tefnakhte (I) (?) became Commander.1
Pharaoh Shoshenq (I) (?) became Cheif of Ma (Mawash Lybians) at Bubastis.
Pharaoh Seti (’Sety (I) mer.en.ptah) (?) became Cheif of Archers.1
Pharaoh Ramses I (’Ramese (I)) (?) became General.1
Pharaoh Psammetichus (I) (?) became Vassel of Assyria.1
Pharaoh Tefnakhte (I) (?) became Great Cheif of Ma.1
Pharaoh’’ Ramess II became Commondant of troops.1
Pharaoh Seti (’Sety (I) mer.en.ptah) (?) became High Priest of Set.1
Pharaoh Ramses I (’Ramese (I)) (?) became King's Charioteer.1
Pharaoh Tefnakhte (I) (?) became Prophet of Neith.1
Pharaoh’’ Ramess II became General.1
Pharaoh Ramses I (’Ramese (I)) (?) became Primate of all Egypt.1
Pharaoh’’ Ramess II became Kings Charioteer.1
Pharaoh Ramses I (’Ramese (I)) (?) became Superintendant of Horse.1
Pharaoh’’ Ramess II became Primate of all Egypt.1
Pharaoh Ramses I (’Ramese (I)) (?) became Visar.1
Pharaoh’’ Ramess II became Superintendant of horse.1
Pharaoh’’ Ramess II became Visar.1
Isma ’il ibn Qara’is became iman of Seville.1
Duke Henry (?) became Title Heir Apparent of the Duchy of Burgundy.1
Seigneur Jacques d'Avesnes became Constable of Flanders.1
Seigneur Bouchard d'Avesnes became Canon of St. Pierre de Lille .1
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