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M, #980031
Relationship1st cousin 24 times removed of Robert Michael Damon
Satrap was the son of Title.
Pharnabazus (?) became Satrap of Daskyeion on the Hellispont 414 - 387 BCE.1
Orontes I (?) became Satrap of Armenia 401 - 344 BCE.1
Orontes I (?) became Satrap of Mysia 363 BCE.1
Spitamenes (?) became Satrap of Baktria 329 - 328 BCE.1
Ptolemy I (?) became Satrap of Commagene c130 - 96 BCE.1
Hydranes III (?) became Satrap of Armenia.1
Hystaspes (?) became Satrap of Pathia and Hycania.1
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