Montezuma Township Timeline


5500 BC Earliest traces of Native Americans in Seneca River Valley

1677 Jesuit Mission settlement. Called St. Rene's Mission. Maps indicate Montezuma Hamlet area, but name of mission is also referenced to be in Savannah area. Not certain if these are one and the same or different missions.

1779 Gen Sullivan's Expedition:, Gen. William Butler is sent to destroy all Indian towns east of Cayuga Lake September 9, 1779

1782 Military Tract divisions include Towns of Aurelius and Brutus

1789 Cayuga Reservation formed on East Side of Cayuga Lake

1795 New York Treaty with Cayugas to give up land, Cayuga Reservation is surveyed into lots of 250 acres

1796 Sale of Indian lands begins

1798 First settlement at Montezuma made by Peter Clarke, Comfort Tyler, and Abraham Morgan

1799 Cayuga County formed from portion of Onondaga County March 3, 1799

1802 Town of Mentz formed from portions of Towns of Aurelius and Brutus March 2, 1802

1807 Cayugas cede all remaining land to New York State

1811 Bridges built over Clyde and Seneca Rivers and turnpike built over the marshes.

1820  Middle section of Erie Canal is first opened between Montezuma and Utica.

1823 Baptist Church formed in Montezuma as "Church of Aurelius and Mentz"

1825 Old Mentz Church built, Erie Canal completed Oct. 26, 1825

1828 Cayuga-Seneca Canal is opened in Montezuma extending canal to the Finger Lakes

1849 Richmond Aqueduct construction begins

1857 Completion and opening of Richmond Aqueduct

1859 Montezuma Township created from portion of Mentz Township April 8, 1859

1865 St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church built

1866 Montezuma Village incorporated with population of 550

1917 Barge Canal replaces Erie and Richmond Aqueduct partially demolished