This website was created from my The Master Genealogist file which included all of Jim's ancestors. Because there is limited Scottish ancestry on his mother's Houston/Hayes lines, and not a large number of collateral lines, I have left it as one large database here. Because many files have been merged and imported from other sources, the sentence structure features, including many "unknown" references sometimes make for awkward reading.

yDNA testing has shown that the Decker Ancestry line ends at least with William Decker, son of Aaron, b. 1860.  The fact that William's mother Lydia was pregnant at the time of her marriage to Aaron, suggests that this is where the break in the line may have occurred.  yDNA testing has revealed a close relationship to an individual with the surname of Stokes.  Families of this surname resided in close proximity of Decker families in both Wayne and Cayuga Counties and Stokes infants are buried in the small cemetery on the Decker farm in Montezuma.  This may be a name of interest to pursue in the future if more DNA samples become available.

Any additions or corrections are always welcome. I only request that any data provided have at least a secondary source that can be included.