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Zechariah (Luke 1)

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Father*Division (of Abijah) +36
RelationshipDistant relative of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Variation: Zechariah.
     Zechariah (Luke 1) was the son of Division (of Abijah) +36. Zechariah married Elizabeth, daughter of Matthat (Luke 3).

Dating the Birth of Jesus
While we have no definative date given to determine when Jesus was born, we do have some events to give us an estimate.

1) From the Nativity accounts, we are told that Jesus was born during the reigh of King Herod I "the Great" of Judea (Ἡρώδης) (Mt 2), who is generally agreed to have died about 4 BC.

2) From the start of his ministry. Luke 3:23 states that Jesus was 'about 30 years old' when he started is ministry. Luke 3:1 says that John "The Baptist" (Gospel) started his ministry "In the fifteenth year of the reign of Emperor Tiberius Caesar" , which was about 28-29 AD. We also get a similar date from John 2:20, which implies that it was the 46th year of the construction of the Temple, which also indicates a date of about 27-29 AD.

3) One point that goes against this dating is Luke's mention of the Census of Quirinius, which is about a decade later, about 6 AD. This dating does not match the descriptions of the start of Jesus' ministry. Luke may be in error here, or it is possible (but there is no know good evidence of) there were some earlier census that was being refered to.

Date the Death of Jesus
We also have no definative date for the death of Jesus, but do have some events to give us an estimate.

1) Trial by Pilate: Pilate was govenor of Judea from AD 26 to either AD 36 or AD37

2) Trial by Herod Antipas, must be before AD 39

3) Conversion of Paul: using various datings of the events in Pauls life it is generally estimated that Paul was converted betweeh 33 and 36 AD.

4) Based on a Friday crucifixion at the time of Passover, several possible dates: 11 April AD 27, 7 April AD 30, 3 April AD 33, and 23 April AD 34. The first and last are likely outside the reasonable window.

5) There was a partial Lunar Eclipse visable in Jerusalem at sunset on 3 April AD 33, and there could be references to that.


Birth-15 Months:
* Gabriell comes to Zechariah and tells him he will have a son, and his wife Elizabeth becomes pregnant.
Birth -9 Months (6 months after above)
* Gabriel visits Mary, tells her she will give birth to Jesus, and she become pregnant by the Holy Spirit.
* Mary goes to visit Elizabeth
Birth - 6 Months
* John "The Baptist" (Gospel) is born to Elizabeth
* Mary return home (might happen shortly before birth of John)
* Joseph discovers Mary is pregnant and decides to quietly put her away
* Angel talks to Joseph, explains what is happening
* Joseph takes Mary home (completing the marriage)
Shortly before the Birth
* Joseph and Mary leave Nazareth to go to Bethlehem for the census

* Jesus is Born
* That night, Angels announce this to the Shepards, who come to visit
* Jesus is presented at the Temple on the 8th day, where Simeon and Anna recognized Jesus.
Some time later
* Magi from the East come to Jerusalem asking about the new King.
* They are sent to Bethlehem, where the visit with Jesus and give gifts.
* They leave by another path.
* Joseph and Mary are warned to excape to Egypt
* Herod realizes the Magi didn't return, so orders the killing of all boys under two years old

About March 4 BC
* Herod dies
* Joseph and Mary are told it is safe so return to Judea, to Nazareth.

Birth + 12 Years
* Jesus stays behind at the Temple at Passover

Fifteenth Year of Emperor Tiberius Caesar (about AD 28)
* John "The Baptist" (Gospel) starts his ministry
* Jesus begin preaching (with a reference to the Temple having been under construction for 46 years, putting this at about AD 29.)1
While Zechariah was serving as priest in the temple, he is visited by Gabriel and told he would have a son, and when Zechariah did not believe, he was struck unable to speak.2 After Zechariah's time of service was over, he went home and Elizabeth became pregnant, and went into seclusion for 5 months.3
Mary went to a town in the hill country of Judea vist Elizabeth at the home of Zechariah. When Mary greated Elizabeth, then her baby (John "The Baptist" (Gospel) leaped in her womb and Elizabeth was filled with Holy Spirit (Bible). Mary stayed for about 3 months.4 Zechariah (Luke 1) became the father of John "The Baptist" (Gospel).5 John "The Baptist" (Gospel) was circumcised The priest was going to name the child Zechariah, after is father Zechariah, but Elizabeth said No, his name is to be John, and when the questioned Zechariah he wrote on a tablet (as he still could not speak) that the boy's name was to be John, afterwhich Zechariah regained the ability to speak.6

Child of Zechariah (Luke 1) and Elizabeth (Luke 1), daughter of Matthat (Luke 3),

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