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Nazareth, Galilee

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Names and TItles

Greek: Ναζαρέτ (Nazaret) G3478.2
Variation: Nazareth.3
Nazareth, Galilee was the daughter of Galilee.1
CHRONOLOGY of the life of Jesus

Dating the Birth of Jesus
While we have no definative date given to determine when Jesus was born, we do have some events to give us an estimate.

  1. From the Nativity accounts, we are told that Jesus was born during the reigh of King Herod I 'the Great', who is generally agreed to have died about 4 BC, or possible in 1 BC.

  2. From the start of his ministry. It is stated that Jesus was 'about 30 years old' when he started is ministry 4

  3. One point that goes against this dating is Luke's mention of the Census of.5

After King Herod I "the Great" of Judea (Ἡρώδης) (Mt 2) died, an Angel of the LORD (Bible) appeared to Joseph in a dream, telling him it was safe to come back. So Joseph, Mary, and Jesus came back to Israel. On finding that King Herod Archelaus (of Judea) was on the throne, Joseph was afraid, and withdrew to the district of Galilee, and the town of Nazareth.6
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Scriptures (References)

Book VerseTitle
Book of Matthew in the BibleMatthew 2:19-23The Return to Nazareth.
Book of Luke in the BibleLuke 1:26-38The Birth of Jesus Fortold.
Book of Luke in the BibleLuke 2:1-7The Birth of Jesus.
Book of Luke in the BibleLuke 2:21-40Jesus Presented at the Temple.
Book of Luke in the BibleLuke 2:41-52The Boy Jesus at the Temple.
Book of Luke in the BibleLuke 4:14-30Jesus Rejected at Nazareth.
Book of Luke in the BibleLuke 4:31-37Jesus Drives Out an Evil Spirit.
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