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Book of John in the Bible

M, #2430000, b. AD 90-110
Father*Books of the Bible
RelationshipDistant relative of Robert Michael Damon
     Book of John in the Bible was written AD 90-110 by John Apostle. Book of John in the Bible was the son of Books of the Bible and Gospels.
     Teaching: Jesus spent much of his time teaching the people. We have recorded two sample longer sermons (The longer 'Sermon on the Mount' 1, and the somewhat shorted 'Sermon on the Plain' 2). I do not think these examples are to portray unique events (or exact transcripts of the events they record), but are examples of what he did throughout is time, and included the major lessons he gave that did not fit elsewhere in the gospel narratives.

Parables: Jesus used a number of parables in his teaching. Parables used situations that the people could understand to point out truths in things that were harder to understand. Parable also opened the message to those who we looking to listen, but not to those who didn't seek to understand.

Parable of the The Sower: Matthew 13:3-233, Mark 4:1-20, Luke 8:5-15
Parable of the The Tares: Matt 13:24-30
Parable of the The Mustard Seed: Matt 13:31-32, Mark 4:30-32, Luke 13:18-19
Parable of the The Leaven: Matt 13:33, Luke 13:20-21
Parable of the The Hidden Treasure: Matt 13:44
Parable of the Pearl: Matt 13:45-46
Parable of the Drawing in the Net: Matt 13:47-50
Parable of the The Lost Sheep: Matt 18:12-14, Luke 15:3-7
Parable of the Unmerciful Servant: Matt 18:23-35
Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard: Matt 20:1-16
Parable of the The Two Sons: Matt 21:28-31
Parable of the The Wicked Husbandman: Matt 21:33-43, Mark 12:1-11, Luke 20:9-18
Parable of the Marriage of the King's Son//The Banquet: Matt 22:1-14, Luke 14:15-24
Parable of the The Ten Virgins: Matt 25:1-12
Parable of the The Talents: Matt 25:14-30, Luke 19:11-27
Parable of the Seed Growing Secretly: Mark 4:26-29
Parable of the The Two Debtors: Luke 7:41-47
Parable of the The Good Samaritan: Luke 10:30-37
Parable of the The Rich Fool: Luke 12:16-21
Parable of the The Faithful Servant: Matt 24:42, Mark 13:33-37, Luke 12:35–48
Parable of the Lost Money: Luke 15:8-10
Parable of the The Prodigal Son: Luke 15:11-32
Parable of the The Unjust Steward: Luke 16:1-8
Parable of the The Rich Man and the Beggar Lazarus: Luke 16:19-31

The Wise and the Foolish Builders: Matt 7:24-27, Luke 6:47-49
The Patch and the Wineskins: Matt 9:16-17, Mark 2:21-22, Luke 5:36-39
The Strong Man Bound: Matt 12:29, Mark 3:27, Luke 11:21-22
Jesus' True Relatives: Matt 12:46-50, Mark 3:31-35, Luke 8:19-21
The Wise and the Foolish Builders: Matt 7:24-27, Luke 6:47-49
The Patch and the Wineskins: Matt 9:16-17, Mark 2:21-22, Luke 5:36-39.

Book of John in the Bible witnessed 3 Apr 33 AD: Partial Eclipse of the Moon 3 Apr 33 AD.


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