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Nineveh, Assyria1

F, #2011081, d. 612 BCE
RelationshipDistant relative of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Variation: Nineveh.
Nineveh, Assyria was the daughter of Assyria.1 Nineveh, Assyria ended 612 BCE.
Israel Under Foreign Rule

Assyrian Empire 722 BC

* Tiglath-Pileser III
* King Shalmaneser V of Assyria (2 Kings 17-18) (727 BC - 722 BC)
Captures Samaria in 722 BC
* King Sargon of Assyria (Isa 20) (722 BC - 705 BC)
* King Sennacherib of Assyria (2 Kings) (705 BC - 681 BC)
Move Capital to Nineveh

* King Nabopolassar of Babylon (626 BC - 605 BC)
Overthrows Assyrians
* King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon (605 BC - 562 BC)
605 BC: Defeats Egyptian Control, Starts Deportations
597 BC: More Deportations
586 BC: Destruction of Jerusalem, Final Deportation
* Amel-Marduk
* Nebonidus
* King Belshazzar of Babylon

Persia, Middle East
* Darius the Mede (Danial)
* King Cyrus II "the Great" of Persia
* King Darius I (?) (522 BC - 486 BC)
* King Xerxes I (of Persia) (486 BC - 465 BC)
* Artazexex I (465 BC - 424 BC)

Greece, Europe Empore
* Alexander the Great (336-323)
336 BC: Rises to Power
332 BC: Captures Palinstine
323 BC: Empire Divides on Death

Egyptian (Ptolemaic) (320 BC - 200 BC)

Syrian (Seleucid)
200 BC: Artichus III Defeats Egyptians
175 BC: Antichus IV Epiphanes

166 BC: Judas Maccabaeus Revolts
160 BC: Jonathan

142 BC: Become Semi-independent of Syrian control

Roman Control
63 BC.
Book of Nahum in the Bible was written before 612 BCE about Nineveh.
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Scriptures (References)

Book VerseTitle
Book of Genesis in the BibleGenesis 10:6-20The Hamites.
Book of Isaiah in the BibleIsaiah 37:21-38Sennacherib’s Fall.
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  1. [S3] International Bible Society, editor, The Holy Bible, New International Version (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan Publishing House, 1984), Gen 10:11. Hereinafter cited as NIV.