Pepin II (of Heristal)1

M, #1171044, b. circa 635, d. 16 December 714
Father*Ansegisal (?)1
Mother*Begga (?)1
Relationship37th great-grandfather of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Variation: Pbepin Mayor Of The Palace (of Austrasia).2
Titled: Mayor of Austrasia and Neustria from 687 to 714.1
     Pepin II (of Heristal), son of Ansegisal (?) and Begga (?), was born circa 635 of Heristal, Austrasia.2 Pepin II (of Heristal) was the son of Ansegisal (?) and Begga (?)1 Pepin II (of Heristal) married first Plectrudis (?)1 Pepin II (of Heristal) and Alphaida (?) had a relationship circa 675.2 Pepin II (of Heristal) died on 16 December 714 in Junille, France.2
     He became the father of Charles Martel in 676.2 Pepin II (of Heristal) became the father of Childebrand 'de Heristal' Austrasia circa 678.2 Pepin II's son Grimoald (?) died in 714.1

Child of Pepin II (of Heristal) and Plectrudis (?)


2 Children of Pepin II (of Heristal) and Alphaida (?)

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