Count Guerin1

M, #1002042, d. 20 May 772
Father*Count Robert (of Hesbaye)1 b. c 700, d. a 750
Relationship38th great-grandfather of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Titled: Count of the Thurgovie from 754 to 772.1
     Count Guerin was the son of Count Robert (of Hesbaye) and Williswinda.1 Count Guerin married Adelindis.1 Count Guerin died on 20 May 772.1


     Count Guerin has ID 2-42 in Royalty for Commoners.1
Count Guerin has ID 101-41 in Royalty for Commoners.1
Count Guerin has ID 345-44 in Royalty for Commoners.1

Child of Count Guerin and Adelindis

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