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King of Babylon

M, #980207
Mother*Babylonia, Mesopotamia
Relationship2nd cousin 23 times removed of Robert Michael Damon
King of Babylon was the son of King and Babylonia, Mesopotamia.
King Nabopolassar of Babylon became King of Babylon 625 BCE.
King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon became King of Babylon 605 BCE replacing King Nabopolassar of Babylon.
King Belshazzar of Babylon became King of Babylon Perhaps just serving as "King" while Nabonidus was away.1
Darius the Mede (Danial) became King of Babylon c 539 BCE replacing King Belshazzar of Babylon.2
King Cyrus II "the Great" of Persia became King of Babylon 539 BCE replacing Darius the Mede (Danial).3 King of Babylon was called of Babylon.
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