Silas Wood1,2

M, #995, b. 16 May 1787, d. 30 June 1852
Father*Samuel Wood2 b. 17 Jul 1760, d. 5 May 1844
Mother*Mary U. Searing2 b. 12 Dec 1764, d. 19 Jun 1855
Relationship3rd great-granduncle of Robert Michael Damon
Silas Wood
From a sketch made after his death
Silas Wood was born on 16 May 1787 in Cow Neck, Queens County, L.I., New York.2 He was the son of Samuel Wood and Mary U. Searing.2 Silas Wood married Julia Ann Chew Brock, daughter of Joseph Brock and Ann Chew, on 17 April 1816 at Home of Ann Chew, Fredericksburg, Virginia.2 Silas Wood died on 30 June 1852 at age 65.2
He met for worship at at New York Monthy Meeting.1 He met for worship at at Purchase Monthly Meeting.3 He was in the Wholesale flour business.2 He was a Quaker at birth.2 He was disowned for bearing arms and performing military duty on 4 January 1815.1

The manner in which Silas Wood laid the foundation of his large fortune was somewhat romantic. He was in England at the time when Napoleon escaped from Elba, and all Europe was alarmed at the possibility of a renewel of war. It was apparent that the price of all sorts of provisions would rise, and Silas Wood, together with several other merchants, the in London, took the first ship sailing for America, each thinking to be the first to arrive and take advantage of the circumstances. There being no steamers, and no cable, their ship would bring to America the first information of the impending disaster in Europe. They had a favorable passage, and, upon arrival at Sandy Hook, the ship anchored in the lower bay for the night. After dark, Silas wood lower himself over the ship's side, and being a powerful swimmer, reached the shore safely, where he immediately went to a farmer's house, and, buying a horse, set off on a long race against time for Fredericksburg. No one knows how many horses he killed in his mad ride. Long before his fellow voyagers appeared in Virginia, he had bought up evcery bushel of grain in the state. The price of all foodstuffs rose tremendously, and he realized several hundred thousand dollars' profit by the transaction. Silas Wood afterwards became the head of the large house of Wood, Johnson & Burritt.2

He was an Episcopal (shortly after marriage) about 1816.2 He became the father of Thomas Byrnes Wood on 11 September 1817.2 Silas Wood became the father of Beverley Chew Wood on 19 September 1819.2 Silas's son Beverley Chew Wood died on 27 July 1820.2
It is noted that his childern who died between 1825 and 1836 are recorded in Quaker records as buried in the Houston Street Cemetary. His daughter Beverly who died in 1820 is not, nor are the children who lived later includeing Wilmer C. who died in 1839. As noted previously he was disowned in 1815 prior to his marriage, and no record of him being restored is found. The meaning of this is unclear. Silas Wood became the father of Samuel Chew Wood on 13 September 1822.2 Silas Wood became the father of Virginia Wood on 22 April 1825.2 Silas's son Samuel Chew Wood died on 24 July 1826 in New York City, New York.2,1 Silas's daughter Virginia Wood died on 29 August 1826.2,1 Silas Wood became the father of Virginia Beverly Wood on 27 March 1827.2 Silas Wood became the father of Samuel Chew Wood on 11 October 1828.2 Silas Wood became the father of Beverly Chew Wood on 16 November 1830.2 Silas Wood became the father of Julia Wood on 3 December 1832.2,1 Silas's daughter Julia Wood died on 1 January 1834.2,1 Silas Wood became the father of Wilmer Pitts Wood on 10 January 1835.2 Silas's son Wilmer Pitts Wood died on 28 December 1835.2,1 Silas Wood became the father of Wilmer Cadwallader Wood on 23 May 1837.2 Silas's son Wilmer Cadwallader Wood died on 27 September 1839.2 Silas Wood became the father of Wilmer Sanard Wood on 4 February 1840.2 Silas's father Samuel Wood died on 5 May 1844.3,2 Silas's daughter was married at wedding of Virginia Beverly Wood and John L. Rogers on 25 March 1852 at Calvary Church, New York City, New York.2


1850at New York, New York, New YorkSilas Wood is head of household on the census of 1 November 1850 at New York, New York, New York. Enumerated with Silas Wood were Julia Ann Chew Brock, Mary Chew, Virginia Beverly Wood, Beverly Chew Wood and Wilmer Sanard Wood.4


Silas Wood has ID 19 in The Wood Family.2

11 Children of Silas Wood and Julia Ann Chew Brock, daughter of Joseph Brock and Ann Chew,

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