Rupert (?)1

M, #6490, b. 17 December 1619, d. 29 November 1682
Father*Elector Friedrich V (of Palatine)1 b. 16 Aug 1596, d. 19 Nov 1632
Mother*Elizabeth Stuart1 b. 19 Aug 1596, d. 13 Feb 1662
Relationship9th cousin 10 times removed of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Variation: Duke Ruprecht (of Cumberland).2
     Rupert (?), son of Elector Friedrich V (of Palatine) and Elizabeth Stuart, was born on 17 December 1619 in Prague, Prague, Czechoslovakia.2 Rupert (?) was the son of Elector Friedrich V (of Palatine) and Elizabeth Stuart.1 Rupert (?) died on 29 November 1682 in Spring Gardens, Middlesex, England, at age 62.2,1 He was buried on 6 December 1682 at Westminsterabbey, Westminster, Middlesex, England.2
     Rupert's father Elector Friedrich V (of Palatine) died on 19 November 1632 in Mainz, Rheinhessen, Hesse-Darmstadt.2 Rupert's mother Elizabeth Stuart died on 13 February 1662 at Leicester House, Westminster, London, England.2,1
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