Ebenezer Soule1

M, #2872, b. between 1710 and 1711, d. 1792
Father*Benjamin Soule
Mother*Sarah Standish b. 1666, d. 4 Mar 1739/40
Relationship2nd cousin 9 times removed of Robert Michael Damon
     Ebenezer Soule, son of Benjamin Soule and Sarah Standish, was born between 1710 and 1711.1 Ebenezer Soule was the son of Benjamin Soule and Sarah Standish. Ebenezer Soule married Susannah Comer in 1733.1 Ebenezer Soule died in 1792.1
     Ebenezer's mother Sarah Standish died on 4 March 1739/40.1

Family of Ebenezer Soule and Susannah Comer

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