Prince Eudes (of France)1

M, #13308, b. circa 968, d. 13 November 986
Father*King Lothaire (of France)1 b. 941, d. 2 Mar 986
Mother*Queen Emma (of France)1 b. c 942, d. a 12 Dec 989
Relationship2nd cousin 30 times removed of Robert Michael Damon

Names and TItles

Variation: Canon of Reims.1
     Prince Eudes (of France), son of King Lothaire (of France) and Queen Emma (of France), was born circa 968 in France.1 Prince Eudes (of France) was the son of King Lothaire (of France) and Queen Emma (of France).1 Prince Eudes (of France) died on 13 November 986.1
     Eudes's father King Lothaire (of France) died on 2 March 986 in Compiaegne, Bourgogne.1
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