Maria Paulowna (of Russia)1

F, #10986, b. 4 February 1786, d. 23 June 1859
Father*Paul I (of Russia)1 b. 20 Sep 1754, d. c 11 Mar 1801
Mother*Sophia Maria (of Wurttemberg)1 b. 14 Oct 1759, d. 24 Oct 1828

Names and TItles

Married: (of Saxe-Weimar).1
     Maria Paulowna (of Russia), daughter of Paul I (of Russia) and Sophia Maria (of Wurttemberg), was born on 4 February 1786 in Pushkin, St. Petersburg, Russia.1 Maria Paulowna (of Russia) was the daughter of Paul I (of Russia) and Sophia Maria (of Wurttemberg).1 Maria Paulowna (of Russia) married Charles Frederick (of Saxe-Weimar).1 Maria Paulowna (of Russia) died on 23 June 1859 in Belveder, Weimar, Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, Thuringia, at age 73.1
     Maria Paulowna's father Paul I (of Russia) died circa 11 March 1801 at St. Michael's Palace, St. Petersburg, St Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Russia.1 Maria Paulowna (of Russia) became the mother of Augusta (of Saxe-Weimar) in 1811.1 Maria Paulowna's mother Sophia Maria (of Wurttemberg) died on 24 October 1828 in Pavlovsk, St. Petersburg, Russia.1 Maria Paulowna's daughter was married at wedding of Augusta (of Saxe-Weimar) and Emperor Wilhelm I (Friedrich) Ludwig (of Germany) in 1829.1 Maria Paulowna (of Russia) became a widow with the death of her husband, Charles Frederick (of Saxe-Weimar) in 1853.1

Child of Maria Paulowna (of Russia) and Charles Frederick (of Saxe-Weimar)

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