George S. Wood1,2

M, #1003, b. 28 August 1802, d. 16 March 1865
Father*Samuel Wood2 b. 17 Jul 1760, d. 5 May 1844
Mother*Mary U. Searing2 b. 12 Dec 1764, d. 19 Jun 1855
Relationship3rd great-granduncle of Robert Michael Damon
George S. Wood
     George S. Wood, son of Samuel Wood and Mary U. Searing, was born on 28 August 1802 in New Rochelle, New York.1,2 George S. Wood was the son of Samuel Wood and Mary U. Searing.2 George S. Wood married Eliza Harris on 22 May 1845.2 George S. Wood died on 16 March 1865 at age 62.2
     He met for worship at at Purchase Monthly Meeting.1 He and George Wood were possibly the same person based on matching death dates (or George S.'s death date is incorrect). Counter to this assignment is that wives name are somewhat different and George S was disowned in 1837 (so much later death might not have been recorded.) George S. Wood and New York Monthly Meeting met of worship at at New York Monthy Meeting.3 George S. Wood was disowned at New York Monthy Meeting in April 1837.3 George S.'s father Samuel Wood died on 5 May 1844.1,2 George S. Wood was Episcopal.2 George S.'s mother Mary U. Searing died on 19 June 1855.1


     George S. Wood has ID 26 in The Wood Family.2

Family of George S. Wood and Eliza Harris

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