Welcome! These pages contains information on the families of Charles Towne and Jane Bowditch. There are lots of people represented here, but we know very little about many of them. Included are many parents of spouses, spouses of cousins, etc., that aren't blood relatives. Like any genealogy, this is a work in progress. Please feel free to contact me with additions or corrections.

The Church of St. Nicholas in Yarmouth, England, where William Towne and Joanna Blessing were married in 1620. (Photo from E2BNGallery by Diane Earl, provided freely for educational use only.)

On the Towne side of the family, the starting point for our research was a genealogy compiled in the early 1950s by Charles Swikert and his cousin Charles Burlingham on the descendants of their great-grandfather Philip Burlingham. Later my mother caught the genealogy bug, and she and my sister have spent many years researching our family history. Much of the information presented here on the Towne side is the result of their work. Initially I thought my involvement would be limited to "computerizing" data that they had collected, but I soon caught the bug myself, and now try to contribute to the research too.

For the Bowditch side of the family, the starting point was a genealogy compiled and distributed among family members by Frederick Bowditch in 1964, titled The Bowditch Family of Salem, Massachusetts - North Carolina Branch 1524-1964 . This booklet includes much original material by the author's mother Helen (Tryon) Bowditch about her early life, and some poems written by her. The genealogical material on the early Bowditch family is taken primarily from two sources: (1) "The Bowditch Family of Salem, Massachusetts," a booklet published in 1936 by the distinguished genealogist Harold Bowditch; and (2) "Bowditch Ancestors between the years 1639-1800," a typewritten document probably by Nathaniel Ingersoll Bowditch. Some additional information, mostly on related lines, came from information in an old trunk preserved by the author's aunt Georgiana Bowditch.

The remnants of the old Church of Holy Trinity in Bothenhampton, England, where William Bowditch and Sarah Bear were married in 1663. (Photo copyright Maurice D. Budden, used by permission.)

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    Notable   Some of the people listed here are notable because of their place within our family, some are well-known historical figures, and some are included simply because we know some interesting things about them.
Immigrants This is a list of direct ancestors who were immigrants to America. For families, only the husband and wife (if known) are listed here, not the children.
Mysteries These are people that we'd especially like to learn more about. Some of these are "brick walls," people we've known about and investigated off and on for many years, but whose parents remain undiscovered. Others are simply people that have caught our interest for a variety of reasons.
Letters Transcriptions of letters from various sources. For the Towne side of the family, we have letters written by Philip Burlingham in late 1870, when he was working in a mining camp in El Dorado Co., California. For the Bowditch side, many letters have been handed down in the family, most written by family members and friends of Elizabeth (Abbot) Bowditch after she moved to her husband Joseph Henry Bowditch's home in North Carolina after their marriage in 1845. Also on the Bowditch side, we have letters from Historic Beverly in Beverly, Massachusetts, written (mostly) by Elizabeth (Abbot) Bowditch to Hannah Rantoul.
Poetry A collection of poems written by some of the people in our family tree.
Charts Here are links to some ancestor and descendant charts.
Portraits Shown here are thumbnails of all the primary pictures we have for people in our records. Clicking on a thumbnail, or the arrow icon above the thumbnail, will take you to that individual's page. Clicking on the "image" icon (that's the one next to the arrow) will display the full-size picture in a "lightbox," with arrows at the top that allow you to cycle through all the pictures.
Weddings Shown here are thumbnails of wedding pictures (or pictures that appear to have been taken around the time of a person's wedding) for various people in our records. Clicking on a picture, or the arrow icon above the thumbnail, will display the full-size picture. Clicking on the "image" icon (that's the one next to the arrow) will also display the full-size picture in a "lightbox," with arrows at the top that allow you to cycle through all the pictures.


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