Robert Minnings1

M, #32393
Last Edited4 Sep 2015
     He was commonly known as Rob.2
     In the obituary of George Raspin Scott who died 8 January 2003, his son-in-law, Rob Minnings was listed as predeceased.3,4,2
     In the obituary of Evelyn Reta Poole who died 26 February 2010, son-in-law, Robert Minnings was listed as predeceased.1


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Lawrence G. Jones1

M, #32396, b. circa 1915, d. 23 August 1991
Father*Alvin Jones2,3 b. 12 Nov 1891, d. 6 Jun 1930
Mother*Harriett Elizabeth Grasby2,3 b. 8 Feb 1897
Last Edited14 Feb 2020
     He was born circa 1915 at Saskatchewan, Canada.4 Lawrence married Vera MacSorley.2
     He died on 23 August 1991 at Saskatchewan, Canada.1      Lawrence G. Jones was buried on 26 August 1991 at Asquith Cemetery, RM of Vanscoy No. 345, Saskatchewan, Canada.1

Census Data

     Lawrence appeared on the 1921 Canadian Census of RM of Park No. 375, Saskatchewan, in the household of Janet Grasby.4
     In the obituary of Alvin Jones who died 6 June 1930, his son, Lawrence Jones was listed as a survivor.3
     In the obituary of Gordon MacSorley who died 23 May 1989, his brother-in-law, Lawrence Jones of Saskatoon, was listed as a survivor.5
     In the obituary of Edwin MacSorley who died 20 August 1996, his brother-in-law, Lawrence Jones was listed as predeceased.6


Vera MacSorley
Marriage*Lawrence married Vera MacSorley.2 


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William Dwinnell1

M, #32398, b. circa 1853
Father*Charles Dwinnel2
Mother*Eliza Hill2
Last Edited31 Oct 2017
     He was born circa 1853 at Tiny Twp., Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada.2 William married Catherine Prentice on 2 December 1875 at Tiny Twp., Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada, according to Ontario Marriage Registration 008496.3,1
     His name was also recorded as William Dwinell.3 William Dwinnell was father of the bridegroom at the marriage of Robert John Dwinnell and Elizabeth Ethel Perkins on 20 September 1920 at Hillsdale, Medonte Twp., Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada; according to Ontario Marriage Registration 023491.1,4
     William Dwinnell, her husband, was referenced, but not by name, in the obituary of Catherine Prentice who died 29 May 1937.5


Catherine Prentice b. c 1856, d. 29 May 1937


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    Grave MarkerTranscription:
    In Loving Memory of Robert J. Dwinnell     1894 - 1961
    His beloved Wife Ethel Perkins     1902 - 1942.
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