Marshall Thomson Andrews1,2

M, #23198, b. 12 May 1895, d. 6 September 1993
Father*Elisha Shelton Andrews3,2 b. c 1853, d. 10 Apr 1935
Mother*Mary Ellen Thomson3 d. 27 May 1956
Last Edited5 Oct 2020
     He was born on 12 May 1895 in the Electoral County of Mitchell, at Northwest Territories (Saskatchewan), Canada.2,4 Marshall married Lillian Mae Ballard on 3 October 1930.1,4 Marshall married Hilda Blewden in 1972.5
     He died on 6 September 1993 probably in Saskatoon at Saskatchewan, Canada, at age 98.4
     The following selected information is extracted from his obituary. Survivor(s): Hilda Andrews. Predeceased: Lillian Mae Ballard.4      Marshall Thomson Andrews was buried on 10 September 1993 at Hillcrest Memorial Gardens, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.4
     The following newspaper article appeared in the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Daily Star 14 June 1921 :
Marshal! Andrews, Asquith Farmer, Aroused Too Late to Stay Blaze
Fire, believed to have been caused by lightning, totally destroyed the large barn of Marshall Andrews, half a mile south of Hawood station, near Asquith. Sask., between midnight and one o'clock this morning. Three horses, a number of calves, poultry, machinery and seed were also burned. Mr Andrews estimates the loss at $7,000. Only partial insurance is carried.

"By half-past eleven last night everyone was in bed." Mr. Andrews told The Star. "About one a.m. I found myself standing by the window gazing at a huge conflagration. I don't know what awakened me. Immediately I aroused the help, but it was too late to save any of the livestock in the barn, as the building was already on the point of crashing down. I don't know how the fire started, but 1 think it must have been lightning."

The farmer said that had the fire been discovered fifteen minutes sooner it would have been possible o save the stock, among which was a pet horse.

Fortunately most of his stock, including the milk cows, had been turned loose In the pasture. Seeding had been completed on the farm, otherwise there would probably have teen more horses in the barn.

Had the wind been blowing in the opposite direction the farm house and other buildings would have caught fire.

Neighbors arrived later to give assistance. From a distance the blaze had been mistaken for a burning straw pile.6

     In the obituary of Elisha Shelton Andrews who died 10 April 1935, his son, Marshall Thomson Andrews of Grandora, was listed as a survivor.7
     In the obituary of Mary Ellen Andrews who died 27 May 1956, her son, Marshall Andrews of Grandora, SK, was listed as a survivor.8
     In the obituary of Beulah Grace Gorham who died 21 December 1963, her brother, Marshall Andrews of Grandora, was listed as a survivor.9
     Marshall Andrews bought our house in Asquith. He was the son of Captain E.S. Andrews a maritimer who came West in 1884. The Temperance Colonization Society hired him to take a steam-boat from Medicine Hat to Saskatoon with a cargo of building supplies for the new colony. During the Riel Rebellion, he sailed on the Northcote to Batoche, which took gunfire during the fighting. According to a plague on the river bank in Saskatoon, he was awarded a medal for his bravery.10,1
     See the footnotes below for a link to his obituary that appeared StarPhoenix published in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 9 September 1993.4
     In the obituary of Hilda Blewden who died 21 March 1997, her second husband, Marshall Andrews was listed as predeceased.5

Family 1

Lillian Mae Ballard b. 1905, d. May 1970
Marriage*Marshall married Lillian Mae Ballard on 3 October 1930.1,4 

Family 2

Hilda Blewden b. 1903, d. 21 Mar 1997
Marriage*Marshall married Hilda Blewden in 1972.5 


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