Nine Generations


This program works like most internet web sites. Almost all names, chart boxes, images from the images list, and button-like objects can be clicked; they link to individual pages, charts, and other exhibits. Keep an eye out for little white “camera” or “(i)nformation” icons. You're most likely to find these under pictures or next to immigration, anecdote,or biography tags on individual pages.

Most of the names in the surname index will be unfamiliar to you. You can move through them alphabetically to select the person you’d like to see. First click on the initial letter of the surname for which you are hunting.

Alternatively, you can find the person for whom you are looking by using the search engine whose link also appears on the main menu bar

After finding a person, the easiest way to follow the family line in which you are interested is to click on the blue Pedigree and Children button. That wil take you to an interactive chart which shows the person's ancestry and the names of his or her partners and children. You can click on any of the entries to see the associated person page or you can click on the little circular button to see a similar chart for that person. Your browser's forward and back buttons can help you to explore the family tree.

The pictures gallery is not well-organized at this point. Images appear in the order in which they were entered into my database; naturally, I'm first. I'm working on a better scheme but it will take some time.

Please recollect that information about living people will not be displayed on the "public," or unprotected version of this site.

Differently sized computer screens and different browsers display different amounts of information. You'll often find that you need to scroll the image to see all of the data, particularly on the big "Find Your Cousins" charts. Setting your browser to full-screen will probably give you the best view of the information.